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Why I chose to study at NUL

Why I chose to study at NUL

Here are the top 5 reasons why I decided to study my undergraduate degree at Newcastle University London

Choosing a University to study at for the next three years is an important step to building a career and network. Below are the 5 main reasons why I decided to study my BSc International Marketing and Management course at Newcastle University London, and why you should consider it too.

1. Accreditation matters

Whatever your friends may say, the ranking of the university and the accreditations that it holds are important. Newcastle University London is both a world-class Russell Group university and also has a TEF Gold teaching award. The accreditation mattered to me, as I knew that I wouldn’t just get a degree, but a brand name with it too. Newcastle University London has a good brand name which will hopefully make job hunting easier in later life.

2. Great location

NUL is located in central London - home to thousands of multinational businesses and firms. For a business school student, London helps to open up many opportunities. There are weekly practical masterclasses on campus, where professionals deliver talks about their industry and graduate careers. These session are really useful. In the past, we have had masterclasses from The Bank of England and Accenture to name just a few.

3. Placement opportunities

Newcastle University London provides an opportunity to choose a 4-year course which includes a placement year in a company of your choice. It is not only a great way to boost your CV but also a chance to ‘try the industry’ and see whether you like it or not. There are also other opportunities such as summer schools, summer internships and exchange programs like ERASMUS which are available to students.

4. Diversity of staff and students

Students from all over the world come to study at NUL - leaving no room for discrimination or exclusion. With over 70 nationalities represented on campus, everyone is welcome to get involved with the global outlook of both the courses and the community. NUL’s diverse community is amazing - I love it.

5. Future employability

Newcastle University London has an outstanding employability rate for its graduates. Graduating from this university makes job hunting easier. This was one of my key reasons for choosing to study at Newcastle University London.

All in all, this is my way of making choices and I hope that it helps you to make a decision. Always listen to yourself so that you don’t regret your actions in the future.


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