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The Education Funnel

The Education Funnel

The expected transition between sixth form and university varies between individuals, for me, it’s been an eye opener.

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Making the transition to uni life

With only a vague idea of what to expect from university, we focus on the partying, clubbing, free time and travelling. However, along with these fantasies comes independence and maturity. After having resources handed to you by your teachers at college, the transition into a more independent learning environment like University was different.

Social connections

The application stage of university is probably the most exciting, yet daunting period. Over the summer we can forget about the exams we have written and try to have fun as results day is still several weeks away. This day could be your best day yet, or a day you may have to learn from!

Although university does seem like a mysterious place, it was good to know that everyone else was in the same boat and probably feeling the same way as me, scared and confused, but excited.

The week before our undergraduate year started, the University provided pre-orientation fresher’s activities for students to engage in the campus community as well as meet one another. There are activities outside of the university too, so we could meet students at other London institutions. I was able to make good friends through these activities, as well as from my accommodation and neighbouring student living.

Academic support

In terms of the academic transition, in the beginning I found that I was quite overwhelmed by the individual style of learning at university. However, Newcastle assigned all students to a student mentor who was able to advise us about our courses and offer support. These mentors were available to us throughout the year and they become more like friends to us.

It’s a matter of learning what works best for you and allocating your time wisely, so that you have room for coursework, revision, partying, travelling, friends and family. The journey doesn’t end, in fact it is just the beginning and a great opportunity.


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