Newcastle University London

My Journey to Newcastle University London

My Journey to Newcastle University London

Deciding to go to university and choosing Newcastle University London for my undergraduate course

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My decision to go to university was somewhat impromptu. In the summer of 2017 after having completed my A-levels, I was still unsure about what to do next. I had received an offer for an apprenticeship at a prestigious firm, but I was experiencing mixed thoughts.


After a great deal of thought and research, I decided I wanted to go to university. My main reasons for this was that I was still unsure about what career path I wanted to go down, and university gave me the time and opportunity to discover where my real interests lie.
My decision to choose to study at Newcastle’s London campus was primarily rooted in the university’s prestigious status as a founding member of the Russel group, it’s TEF Gold status recognising it for its excellent teaching and the opportunity to become a part of the bustling capital, accompanied with excellent career prospects.
Having chosen the course and the location, it was great to find that the clearing process was so well explained on the website. When I made that important call on results day, the staff on hand made the process very simple and straightforward.


I chose to study Accounting and Finance because it’s a very versatile course. The degree does not restrict me to one area but at the same time it allows me to explore finance and accounting in more depth. Another aspect that attracted me to the course is the accreditations. The number of accreditations offered by this course was one of the best I’d seen, and it would give me a real advantage when beginning my graduate job. I wouldn’t have to complete as many exams as my peers and could instead focus on settling into the new role!


My first few weeks at the university were a bit of a rollercoaster. It was exciting to meet and get to know so many new people from all over the world whilst also being a little daunting being in a completely new environment. But I quickly adjusted, and I loved exploring the city since there is so much to do and see!
I was pleased to find that the lecturers and the staff were all happy to help if I had any questions regarding my course or assignments and the close-knit feel of the classroom made the lectures much more enjoyable.
The campus has ample spaces to study as well as more relaxed areas to just chill out. The Spitalfields market is a few-minutes’ walk from the campus and the wide array of restaurants and cafes means it’s very convenient to grab coffee or lunch whenever you want. All of this has come together to give me a fantastic and enjoyable experience!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experiences and my most important advice to you, as prospective students, would be to really do your research! Get as much information about the course and modules you’ll be studying to make sure you fully understand what you’re dedicating 3/4 years of your life to. Also, as part of your research, make sure you visit the campus and speak to the students, as it’s truly the best way to decide if a university is for you. 


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