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My Journey to Finding the Best University

My Journey to Finding the Best University

I remember choosing University like it was yesterday. Lots of prepping, stressing, organising, prioritising and more, but you know what? I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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Decision time

I did a lot of research into the University I wanted to go to. I knew I wanted one in the top 20, had the course I wanted, with modules I was interested in and was close to my house. 

It took me a long time to find a University that had all of the above, but when I found Newcastle University in London, it’s like a light bulb went off! It had everything I wanted, a great location, accessibility, an outstanding reputation, student friendly fees, and is a member of the Russell group.

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I’m a timely and punctual person, so you can imagine how quickly I applied to ensure I got the place. I applied to my previous university the same day too as a back up and got a conditional offer for both, but of course Newcastle was my first call. I was so determined to get into NCL that I only applied for 2 universities. Risky? Yes! Enormous faith? Yes!

Choosing ‘the one’

As soon as the university received my undergraduate results I quickly got an unconditional offer. Case closed and job finished. Newcastle was my first choice and I got what I wanted. BOOM! I couldn’t think of a better place to study international business other than in a location completely clustered with international businesses!

Going to the open day wasn’t even necessary for me, but I still went and received reassurance that this university was in fact the one.


I just wanted to start but I had to wait about 4-5 months. I was so excited! I just wanted the time to fly by, it took forever. Then the day came, orientation week. What a week it was. Drinks, food, entertainment and a chance to meet all the staff and to be honest I love all of them. 

Making connections

As postgrads, we had a Facebook group so it made it easier to mix because we had all talked to each other online first which was great! It was a case of getting to university and spotting the people you had spoken to online already.

I settled in very quickly, I came by myself and just said hello to everyone and that’s how you have to be. Just walk over and smile, people may think you’re odd at first, but that’s ok! Better odd than rude. Smile, say hello, that’s how you make great connections. 

The place to be

First week impressions? Just as I thought and so it should because I did my research. No regrets. No changes needed. The university hasn’t changed the way I act or my personality, but it has changed the way I think and see things. I know now what is important in life and that opportunities are there to be taken!

If I had to give any prospective students advice, I would say, be optimistic, be brave, be informed, be punctual, be ambitious, and be determined.  Know your worth, but remember you are always supported at Newcastle University. It is the place to be. So come on, join me.


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