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Searching for a Master's

My application process: how I did it and the aftermath.

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Deciding on what to do for your Masters’ degree is one of the toughest choices you may have to make at a very young age. Let alone, deciding where to do it and facing the complex process of university applications. This is a mini manifesto of my application process: how I did it and the aftermath which, in my opinion, is the best motivation for surviving the process. So if you are now at that stage, hang in there and bear with me (spoiler alert): everything is worth it in the end.

What should I do with my life?

When you are a child, teenager and then an undergraduate: life is just great. You basically follow a plan and just enjoy the different stages: you go to school, then high school, then university. However, after you graduate from university you get to one of the toughest phases: making your own decisions. Here, there is no set out plan to follow but many different paths: you can work, you can pursue a Masters’ degree or Postgraduate course, you can take your relationship into the next step (move in with someone or even marry), you can move from where you live to somewhere else. All the possibilities are there, but also the other side of the coin: accountability, which means responsibility for your actions. And who do you answer to? Basically your toughest critic: yourself. 

The study path and why I recommend it

When that time came for me, I decided to study abroad but I was not sure about what I wanted to do. I had done my BA in Communications (which I believe is as general as it gets) and wanted to have an experience away from Uruguay, my home country. I wanted to continue getting to know who I am and experience something life changing. So I chose the study path, I started to look for a Masters’ degree to continue learning about myself and my field of study. I believe that to improve your knowledge is always rewarding, no matter what you study and how fond you are of studying. The University atmosphere is a place where you are constantly stimulated and makes you learn academic and life lessons. Moreover, when you are studying you challenge yourself to find out about different things, test your abilities and gain an outstanding reward (the degree itself).

A long rewarding road

How to decide which course to study could take a million blog posts and I don’t think there is a specific answer for this. My only advice is to follow your heart: choose what you want to do and enjoy, then figure out the rest. I have met many people who end up changing careers or just change their area of study after some time. So you should take the Master’s course as something that (looking back) will always have added to your life experience and take you somewhere, not a life determining decision. That said, I must warn you that the application process can be tough (maybe you already know this). It takes lot of time to choose universities, get recommendations, write your essay, meet entry requirements. It is a rollercoaster. There are moments when you feel up and energetic and moments when you are frustrated. You can get rejected from your dream university and feel down for a month. It happens but, trust me on this, amazing and unexpected things happen too. Just look at me on the next picture; this was when I got a scholarship to study at an amazing university: Newcastle University London.

Maria photographed with scholarship award

All was well: finding yourself and your “uni family”

For me although it was a long path, all was well. I got into Newcastle University London to study an MSc in International Marketing. So, I am still in that phase of decision making/figuring out what to do with my life but, also I am getting to know myself and learning a lot. I have met amazing people: teachers, staff and students. Three months have passed since my first day and I already feel like I have my University family which is accompanying me on the process. Yes, I am studying a lot (like crazy) but I'm having one of the most amazing experiences in my life at the same time. So if you are considering studying a Masters’ degree but are losing hope, I feel you. Just hang in there and get through the process of applying. Because once you start your Masters’ course you will see that is totally worth it.

maria photographed during her course


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