Newcastle University London

Stepping stones to NUL

Stepping stones to NUL

Choosing Newcastle University London for my undergraduate degree

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“The perfecting of one's self is the fundamental base of all progress and all moral development” – Confucius.

The process:

When I think back to the time I was applying to universities, I was so focused on finding the ‘perfect’ university that I lost track of what I was actually looking for. So, for those reading this, I hope sharing my journey to Newcastle University London (NUL) will answer any of your questions and calm your worries.

So, I’m looking at the list of all the possible undergraduate courses I could be a part of in the future. Over 100 to choose from and still I can’t find the ‘perfect’ one, I pondered over this for months trying to decide which one to choose. Then someone advised me to “choose the course that is right for you, not right for the future”. You may be thinking this is bad advice and makes no sense, but if you think about what you would enjoy studying and what interests you – then the next few years of your life, completing your degree, would probably be more meaningful and worth the huge fee that comes with it. After I took this advice the never-ending list of courses turned into a mere handful to choose from. I was always interested in learning more about the financial world, so I narrowed down and eventually I choose to study Accounting and Finance as an undergrad course.

My next step was to choose the university I wanted to study at, this was the most difficult part of the process. In the end, I choose NUL because it was known for creating a world-class learning experience as a business focused institute. So I opted for the smaller campus in London instead of the bigger main campus in Newcastle because I believe there are more opportunities located at the core of the financial hub.

After submitting my application, the next thing I knew was that this daunting process of applying to university was over!

My top tips for those currently going through the UCAS application is:

One important lesson I learned through this experience - from the UCAS application to waiting for acceptance letters - is that by making the choice yourself – whether it be the course or the university, you will have no regrets as you went to lengths end to make such an important decision. As a current student, my final piece of advice to you is to think deeply about what you want to be studying now and not to think too much about the future, as this is a path that is still unknown.


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