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A day in a life of a student in London

Here’s what a typical Uni day in London looks like for me.

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If you’re reading this odds are you’re considering London. I know how hard it can be to figure out what it’s going to be like, so let me help you a little bit. Here’s what a typical uni day in London looks like for me.

Alarm goes off at 7:00am, of course I press the snooze button, and sleep for 5 more minutes… or ten (who doesn’t right?). After that I start to get ready to go to the gym, yeah I know I could sleep more, but I really prefer doing my workouts in the morning, it gives me more energy and it’s a great way to start the day! By 7:30am, I’m finally in the gym. After my session I go back to my flat and start to prepare breakfast. Sometimes I get creative and I make smoothie bowls or protein pancakes…. But if I’m running late I grab a banana and breakfast is served!picture of breakfastAfter I’m all clean I start getting ready for uni, I always ask Siri how’s the weather and depending on that I choose my outfit. Since I live nearby, I just walk to uni in 12 short minutes. In class we discuss theory and relate it to what’s going on in the industry at the moment, it’s really great because most of us have experiences in the field and can contribute a lot. After class is done it’s time for lunch, sometimes I buy something at the Spitalfields Market (walking distance from campus) or bring something from home. My group of friends and I tend to eat at the Master's suite, a dedicated space for postgraduate students and basically talk about a little bit of everything: family, work, boy issues, plans for the weekend etc. I really enjoy those moments, because we tend to laugh a lot and learn from each other. I’m very happy to have met them all. Sometimes we have an hour or two hours break and if we have two we tend to go for walks or play board games.

picture of study spaceMy uni day tends to finish around 4pm or 5pm. If we have projects to handle I stay longer and study in the library, or meet with my group to work on a project. Once that’s done sometimes we go and grab a coffee to relieve the stress. After a really hectic day, I walk back home and go up to my flat, and get comfy. Most days, I Facetime my family and friends back at home and catch up with everything they are doing. After that I make some dinner and watch something on Netflix. Before going to bed I do my night routine, read marketing articles, and catch up with what’s going on in the world. I really like doing this, because it can be so easy to forget there’s a world outside of your student life, but doing this keeps me grounded and aware of current issues. Of course I scroll down my social media feeds for a while, sometimes more than I should. Once that's done, I set the alarm for the next day, and off to bed.