Newcastle University London

Welcome to Newcastle University London

Welcome to Newcastle University London

4 top tips for new students

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Tip 1: Explore the city

As a new student, you may be a little overwhelmed with your new settings, but rest assured this phase quickly passes, and you’ll soon recognise London as your second home. When you move to London, my biggest tip is to explore this amazing city and get comfortable with your surroundings. Visit some places you’ve always wanted to and get used to taking the tube everywhere; it’s the quickest way to get around! You’ll find that this is the easiest way to familiarise yourself in a place that will be your new home for the next few years.

Tip 2: Get to know everyone

My next tip is to get to know not only the people on your course, but also the wider student community. Take advantage of the events student union puts on at the beginning to get to know your peers. Also, consider joining some new societies. For example, the London Food Society gives you the chance to try out new cuisines whilst getting to know other likeminded students. There’s also a whole array of societies to join at Student Central (which all students have access to) if you’d like to explore more options.

Tip 3: Time management

Another huge tip for new students is to learn how to effectively manage your time. In the beginning, whilst it may be tempting to ignore your studies and focus solely on the social aspects of university, I’d recommend not falling into this trap. You will quickly find yourself falling behind in your studies and when exam season comes, you will likely be underprepared and stressed. To avoid that, try to plan and manage your time effectively so that you can get at a minimum your essential reading done each week, whist still leaving time for yourself.
If you struggle with staying off your phone, I recommend trying apps like ‘Flipd’ that give you the option to fully lock your phone (aside from calls and other important features) and allow you to give your complete attention to the task at hand.

Tip 4: Take care and enjoy yourself

Another tip is that if you’re struggling with anything, be it your studies or your wellbeing, make sure to reach out. There will always be someone to support and guide you to make your university experience exceptional!

Finally, be sure to enjoy yourself and make the most of your time at university. This will probably be the last time you have so much free time before you begin your career, so take full advantage of all the opportunities available. Study hard but also take the time to explore this beautiful city and all that it has to offer.