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Dealing with Homesickness at University

Dealing with Homesickness at University

Top 5 tips to deal with homesickness at University

You’ve made it all the way to Newcastle University London – congratulations! But there’s only one problem…you miss home. Don’t worry – I know exactly how you feel. It’s my fifth year studying in the UK and you would think I have absolutely no problem dealing with being away from home for three-quarters of the year – but you’re wrong! I still have difficulty saying goodbye to my family every time I’m at the airport. I’ve listed five tips which usually help me to get through the tough times.

Call home (but not too often!)

Calling home to catch up with your family is important but be careful how often you call them. If you spend most of your time on the phone to them, you’re going to miss out on the amazing opportunities that are happening on campus and around London. This, of course, isn’t beneficial for your life abroad in the long term.

Explore the area

Explore the city and act like a tourist! Try to get to know the area around campus. Spitalfields Market is only a two-minute walk away from campus, and there’s loads of independent stalls selling everything from food to clothes to bespoke jewellery. The more you walk around, the quicker you will familiarize yourself with London – and guess what? It won’t be long until the city starts to feel like a second home.

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Many blocks of student accommodation have a free on-site gym for you to exercise whenever you need to recharge your batteries and take some time to reflect. If working out isn’t your thing, then why not take a walk around one of London’s Royal Parks. Hyde Park, Green Park and Regents Park are all only a few tube-stops away from campus. You could even take a few photos to send to your family!

Create a date countdown

Although you should try your best to enjoy every day that spend here, it may be easier to deal with being away from home by counting down to the days to when you will next see your family. Whenever you’re having an especially rough day at University, you can always look at the calendar and say, “Just 25 more days until I see them!” Trust me – this works for me every time!

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Seek support

Homesickness is nothing to be ashamed of! Letting your feelings out is guaranteed to be make you feel much better than keeping them all pent up. You could talk to the Welfare Officer located on the 4th floor who will be more than happy to meet you. You could always ask one the Student Ambassadors for a chat and we’d definitely try to help you out anytime!

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