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Studying in London: finding student accommodation

Finding student accommodation in London

Finding student accommodation either in person, or online can be tricky. Here are my five top tips to support you in making your decision.

Finding student accommodation in London can be seen as quite a daunting task. I moved house three times in my first three months in London, and as a result of this - have some lessons to share with you. Here are my top five things you should look out for with your student accommodation in London.

1. Access to public transport

You will need to consider how long you want your commute to university to be – look at the accommodation you want to choose in London and see how long it takes to walk or on public transport. You’ll be doing this journey quite a lot after all! It’s also useful to consider several possible routes to your destination in case of those rush hour delays. CityMapper is a great app that can help to plan your journeys in advance.

2. Find out more about the area

London is a big city, so make sure you know which area you want to focus your search in. Ensure you are aware of the area and its surroundings. Does it have parks? Does it have well-lit walkways? Perhaps a good idea is to have a look around the area first to make sure you can see yourself being comfortable living there.

3. Access to amenities

Unless your plan is to live off of takeaway and deliveries, living not too far from a supermarket would make your life significantly easier. I would cross-reference areas with your preferred supermarket locations. Also, check out which supermarkets are in your price range – Lidl and Aldi are generally cheaper than Sainsburys or Waitrose. Make sure you are comfortable with the options available to you. It will make the transition and moving to your new accommodation more enjoyable.

4. Deposit, bills and other fees

Before signing a contract (always sign a contract!) make sure you understand all the details, the fees, whether or not the bills are included (this aspect may increase your rent significantly). In addition, make sure to negotiate a contract termination policy and check if it is included in the contract.

5. Being aware online

Finding student accommodation is tricky, and if you’re doing it online it can be even trickier. There’s a huge amount of choices online, but make sure you are picking reputable landlords and letting agents. Make sure you see plenty of photos of the accommodation and have the landlords contact details before arranging to view the property. As I’ve mentioned before, make sure there is a contract that you have read and understood. And lastly, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Listen to yourself and be cautious online.

I know it can be a stressful process but hopefully my tips will help you to go through it as smoothly as possible.



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