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My Summer Plans

My Summer Plans

What I plan to do with my summer now that exams are over

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At the end of June my tenancy finishes so I will pack up everything from my student accommodation and take my cases on the train back to my parent’s home in Kent.

I will be working part time for my parents over the holidays. My role within my parents’ company is very closely aligned with what I hope to do in the future, which is marketing. I manage their social media accounts and create advertisements to go in local magazines. This is something I am very passionate about and the success of their social media accounts have given me real confidence to pursue this in the future for a larger firm.

During the summer I am going on holiday to Cyprus with my mum. The weather is great in June and it offers tranquillity as it's outside of school holidays! During the summer break I also take the opportunity to visit family from around the UK and stay with them for long weekends. My cousins live in Broadstairs and so I am looking forward to staying with them as they have a beach hut and the beaches are lovely. It is also really accessible from London with the beach a short walk from Broadstairs station and it only takes 1hour 17minutes from St.Pancras station. There are also loads of fish and chip shops, shops and bars so it is a really fun place to visit in the summer months. There is also a ‘folk festival’ on 9th – 16th August where there is live music, performances and stalls. It is always a lot of fun and it always brings in huge crowds.

Hastings seaside in summer

I will also be visiting my grandparents at their home in Hastings (another seaside town!). This offers a more relaxing holiday as there are not as many bars as Broadstairs but just as many fish and chip shops! The summer holidays give me a great opportunity to catch up with family and spend time by the seaside which is something I find hugely relaxing.

In September I will be attending the Holi Festival of Colour which has great DJ’s and colour throwing every hour – meaning your clothes end up being pretty dyed! It is great fun and a really cheap alternative to other festivals in London, it is only £14.99 for day entry! It is also in September so is a great way to catch up with your friends before 3rd year begins.

Dyed shoes from Holi festival

After this festival I will begin my reading for my last year and look over my new modules. This will unfortunately signify the end of the summer break but I’m sure that after such a long time away from University I will be happy to come back and see my friends and complete my final year!

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