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My Summer: An Internship and a Dissertation

My Summer: An Internship and A Dissertation

As a Master's student, the summer break is slightly different since our degree isn't yet over, here's what I'll be getting up to

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I can’t believe that I am almost done with my master’s degree, I still remember the first day of uni when I was thinking this was going to be a long ride, but it has passed very quickly! The second term of this academic year was challenging, especially the final months. Since exams and course work submissions are done, now I have two things to focus on: finding a permanent job and working on my dissertation.

For the first time in my life, I will spend my summer in London- if we could call it summer. Back in my home country summers are very warm and sunny whereas in London it is the opposite. Although there are some hot days, it often rains and there are gloomy skies which make me feel that we are still in autumn. However, I will appreciate this weather because this summer will be very busy for me, I have no time to relax and take a break.

During the summer, I will continue to my internship where I work as a marketing assistant for a fintech (financial technology) startup. I started working at this company in March and went in to the office for one and a half days a week. By doing so, I managed to keep up both with my studies and internship. Since I am now done with my exams, I plan to continue working at my internship for 3 days, so that I can focus on my dissertation for the rest of the week.

Through my internship, I have been learning a lot. Fintech is an area that I have never experienced before, and it is evolving everyday with the cutting-edge technology. I always try to work for different areas of business sectors so I can develop my marketing skill set effectively. My duties include assisting with content creation for social media accounts, event management and PR activities which are aligned with my studies and my dream career in marketing. In the meantime, I continue to search for permanent marketing jobs. It is challenging to find a job in London, but London provides amazing opportunities and all I have to do is make use of it, and never lose hope.

This is my first time writing a dissertation in my academic life. During my bachelor’s degree, I avoided writing a dissertation and instead chose to do a project because I didn't feel confident about writing a dissertation. But this year, I feel that I am ready to do it. My dissertation is about a very interesting topic - sustainable fashion- and I will be interviewing sojourners like myself who live, work and study in London. Diving into other people’s thoughts and ideas has always been interesting for me, I cannot wait to start working on it!

So, these are my post exam plans for the summer which will keep me busy the whole of time. After all this hard work, I think a deserve a small holiday. And of course, this is the part where I look forward to most! I have no idea where and when to go but I like to make spontaneous plans. 


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