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Promises For The New Year

Promises for the New Year

New year resolutions for 2019

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Leaving a year behind makes you realise you continue to grow up even though you may not be aware of it! Every year, people make new promises and determine their resolutions for the new year. They follow it for a week, if they are really determined they may follow it for a month or two and then, unfortunately,they go back to old habits. 

Before this year, I didn’t believe in new year resolutions. However, this year, I have my supporters with me, my best friends from university! While studying for our exams, my friends and I realised that we were eating very unhealthily and we decided to make a promise to cut down our sugar intake and exercise more. We even opened a Whatsapp group for this pact where we ask questions and support each other.

This pact encouraged me to have other resolutions for the new year:

I have been trying to follow this for a month and let me tell you first weeks were not easy! For a chocolate addict and sluggish person like me, it took me for a while to cut down the snacks and start exercising.

Last week, I attended an event which was completely out of my interest but my main reason to attend this event was to learn some new things and meet with new people. I had a really good time, met new people and I also have a new area to explore and develop myself. If you want to attend events that you are interested in or ones which you have no idea about like I did (which was so much fun), I recommend start searching online for events near you!

Another resolution I want to achieve is to travel Europe more while I am located in London. Weekend getaways with my friends will re-fuel me as I study my course. Even though London has so much to offer, it will be pleasant to discover the hidden and unknown destinations in Europe. I really enjoy finding unseen places, meeting new people and discovering new cultures.

Our second semester has come around very fast, next thing we know we will be at the graduation ceremony holding our graduation certificates! I want to spend the time before then in the most efficient way, that’s why I started to looking for part-time jobs and internships related to the area of my studies. In order to differentiate from the crowd of graduates, you always need to act wisely and take precautions! Having work experience in London is one of my goals and I believe it will carry my career plans one step further.

Being in a new city and studying a Master's degree was the dream that I thought I could never be able to achieve. This year is so different than before and I have high hopes. I wish everyone who has made new year resolutions good luck. If you put enough effort and organise yourself, there is nothing you cannot achieve! 


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