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Virtually exploring London

Virtually exploring London from home

London may be temporarily in lockdown due to COVID-19, but there are still a variety of ways in which we can all virtually explore the city.

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Art exhibitions

London is never short of entertainment. Whilst you lounge around with a cup of tea, why not check out some art exhibitions online, for free? Join the curators of the Andy Warhol exhibition at Tate Modern, who are providing a room-by-room tour. Andy Warhol was famous for his iconic depictions of Marilyn Monroe and revolutionised modern art through his unique cultural compositions. Have a go at using pop-art to create a self-portrait. Even if you are a terrible painter —like me —art can be a way to truly express your emotions amidst a time of social change. Find out more here.

Siteseeing across London

Thanks to advances in modern technology, prospective NUL students can virtually tour London. Visit London virtual tours provide 360-degree rooftop views of London’s popular attractions. It’s incredible how realistic the experience is. In 30 minutes, I took a ride on the London Eye; stopped by at ZLS London Zoo to meet some rather peculiar animals and ended the day with a high speed trip along the Thames with Thames Rocket’s virtual RIB ride. If a virtual boat trip does not float your boat, get ready to hold on tight to your sofa, as Twizy Tours provides an interactive journey through London in a cable car. How incredible is that!

Music concerts

It can be a challenge to perfectly recreate the buzz from a music concert. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot still have a fun time in your seat, boogying to the beat at home. The Royal Albert Hall has launched #RoyalAlbertHome, where nightly performances by top artists are available to live stream. Meanwhile, classical music fanatics will love the London Symphony Orchestra’s full-length streamed concerts— every Thursday —from its exquisite collection. LSO is the oldest of London’s symphony orchestras and was recently rated by Gramophone as one of the top five orchestras in the world. These are spectacular virtual opportunities and perhaps you may even become inspired to learn a new musical instrument.

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Cookery classes 

COVID-19 has resulted in more baking at home. At 2pm on Instagram Live, Bread Ahead Instagram shares their favourite baking lessons. Put your culinary skills to the test as you join in to bake with these famous bakers from Borough Market. I created crumbly dark chocolate chip cookies which honeycomb pieces which I’ll surely be making again. From sourdough pizza to cinnamon buns, get creative at home in your kitchen.


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