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How to make your time in London unforgettable

How to make your London experience unforgettable

Here are five tips to make your time in London unforgettable

Sky Garden in London's Fenchurch Street

University has been one of the best experiences of my life. Whether you're a current student or considering studying at Newcastle University London, this amazing capital city has plenty to offer. To help you make the most out of your experience of studying at NUL and living in London, I have highlighted a few tips below to help you along the way.

1. Join a student society

Being a student in London has multiple advantages. There’s an endless list of activities and associations to lead an exciting student life. From day one, make sure to follow the activities of the Newcastle University student association (NUSU). Take part in the social events, become a student representative, volunteer or even set up your own club or society. Are you more interested in sports or haven’t found your dream club yet? You can join the Student Central Association - accessible to any student in London. More than 40 sports and societies are available, shops and gym - there’s even a swimming pool!

2. Discover new parts of the city

Throughout Autumn there’s plenty of events in the city that never sleeps. Celebrate Halloween on Oxford Street and Bonfire Night in November in one of London’s hundreds of green spaces. Sport addict? Get a chance to see the American Football games from the NFL, ice hockey games or cycling competitions. More into cultural events? Discover the London Jazz Festival or the London Design Festival. During Christmas time, visit the magical Winter Wonderland and its world famous Christmas markets. Spring will bring colours to the city and it’s the perfect moment to explore new neighbourhoods and enjoy beer gardens. Notting Hill, Holland Park, Camden Town, Covent Garden - discover the different vibe of each these amazing London’s spots. In Summer, the sun brings a multitude of music and food festivals, outdoor cinemas, urban beaches but also iconic events such as Wimbledon or the Comic Con.

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3. Food, food and food

London is a cosmopolitan city and is blessed with hundreds of culinary influences. From street food to michelin stars, being a food lover is incredible in London. Find here the best places to eat around Newcastle University London. Continue further east and you will arrive in Shoreditch, look around and I’m sure you will find some hidden gems. There are some more inspirations here too. Soho, Chinatown, Hoxton, Islington are also neighborhoods to explore for an unforgettable food experience. It would require a lifetime to try them all!

4. Music and arts are at the heart of the city

The music industry always had a strong presence in the city and is still a must for most international artists. There is a strong chance that your favorite artists will play in London throughout the year - so don’t miss out! The city also offers an incredible amount of cinemas, theatres and musicals. From the Lion King to Harry Potter to The Phantom of the Opera, there’s something for all tastes and budgets. Last but not least - if you are a night owl then Soho and Shoreditch will be your favorite night time destinations.

5. Free museums and world-renound art exhibitions

Your time in London is THE opportunity to go to museums. At least 30 of them are entirely free. Outstanding, world-class collections are kept there. Have a look at the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies at the British National Museum, meet ancient dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum or discover the latest modern art exhibitions at the Tate Modern Museum.


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