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A Year Full of Good Memories

A Year Full of Good Memories

My year at NUL went by fast, but it left me with experiences that will last for a lifetime.

Intense education and lasting friendships

My year at NUL has certainly equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in an international business environment. It is fascinating, how much more you will know after just one year. However, the most defining experience during my time in London is a different one. The most valuable gift is the friends I have made. There is nothing better than getting to know all these different characters with their unique backgrounds from all around the world. A year at NUL lets you grow academically and socially!

Being a Londoner

A year in London definitely teaches you how to be great with money. As a student, you will learn ways to lead an affordable lifestyle, as London can get quite expensive. This year will turn you into an expert for student discounts, a professional bargain hunter and an insider on local top tips. What you will get in return is a student life unlike anyone else’s. London is an inspiring city, with all the big employers next door. The diversity and endless opportunities you will find are the things that excited me the most. I personally loved exploring a new part of the city on my bike every day. I would not want to miss the experience of having lived in London for a year.

A special highlight

One of my personal highlights was the Spitalfields Challenge that I took part in together with all my fellow MSc International Business Management students. Our task was to set up a stall with a product that we sourced ourselves on a local market and compete with other teams. This project prepared me to become an entrepreneur in the future. Being a successful market trader does not only reward you with fame and honour, it also gives you the chance to do good for the society. All our proceedings were donated to a homeless charity. Definitely a memorable highlight of the year!

The grand finale

Time flies by quickly and suddenly, there is this one big project everyone had been talking about for a year: the master thesis. Certainly, this very last project is a challenge, but there is no better way to demonstrate what you have learned during your time at NUL. For most of us, it is the first and only time in our lives that we conduct our own research project – so it can be exciting, too! Make sure you choose a topic you are really interested in - you will spend plenty of time on it. My personal top tip is to change your work environment from time to time to keep you motivated. I decided to take my computer everywhere I go to not miss potential waves of creativity. It is a full-time project, but don’t restrict yourself to it, try to integrate it into your daily life and your holidays and you will enjoy it much more.

Trying to combine holidays with writing my master's thesis