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Working & Studying, Balancing the Double Life

Working and Studying – How to Balance the Double Life

It is possible to work and study and this is how I did it

Visiting Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Is it possible to combine study and work?

When I started my course, I wondered whether I would be able to continue working for my current employer.

I knew that my postgraduate studies would be intense, so I wasn’t sure how it would work, but as I love my job I wanted to try and give it a go. Fast forward half a year and I can report that it was one of the best decisions of my life! The added benefit is that my part-time job truly enriches my daily student life.

It’s all about balance

My part-time job is probably not what you would expect from an MSc in International Business student. I’m a flight attendant for Lufthansa, the biggest German airline!

Once I leave the classroom, I spend my time on airplanes and in the most beautiful destinations all over the globe which is great. Since I started my studies I have reduced my monthly working hours, with the option to work more if I find the time. This means that I reserve one or two weekends a month for work.

During the rest of the month, I am fully concentrated on my studies.

Visiting a Tokyo shrine, Japan.

How working benefits my studies

You might wonder how such an unconventional student job adds to my degree. Besides the fact that I finance my studies this way, the personal experiences I have gained have been invaluable. Having now travelled to more than 60 countries, I continue to improve my cross-cultural communications skills. This helps me in my daily interaction with my classmates who are also from all around the world. It’s also an important skill that I know will be important for my future career.

In a typical week, I spend my weekdays analysing India as a growing player in the world economy, and at the weekend I travel there to gain a personal understanding of the country. I realise I’m very lucky but in this sense, my studies and my work perfectly complement each other.

My job has opened new doors for me. It’s a great way to meet new people with inspiring personalities and to explore new places I’ve never been to before.

Top tips

  1. Do something you like! There are millions of jobs out there and it doesn’t matter what job you do, it’s a fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand work experience and to boost your CV while you’re studying.
  2. Find the balance between work and study to avoid stress! Work as often as it benefits you, but only as much as your studies allow. Your studies should be your top priority. But, once you’ve found the balance, you will soon see how enriching this double life can be!