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First Year in a Nutshell

First Year in a Nutshell

The university experience has been different than expected. For everyone, the experience is versatile meaning that from these changes and experiences, a lesson was learnt.

Learning new skills

Coming into University with no knowledge of how it will be, was daunting but at the very end of the day, you adapt to it and it becomes the best year of your life! This year was truly life changing in the sense that I have grown as an individual, become wiser and stronger and my perspective on life has changed, most importantly, I CAN COOK! I came into university with a fair number of dishes that I could cook, now I am a pro at everything because at University, you learn how to do things by yourself.

London Life

There are many things I have enjoyed about my first year of being an undergraduate at Newcastle University, but most of all, I have enjoyed making new friends from across the world and the London life which consist of dining in a variety of amazing restaurants, going out, and exploring the city on the Santander cycles.

Making friends

There were a few obstacles along the way, I did find a few things hard like the transition from A levels to University or the fear that ‘will I make any friends’. This was a bit hard as I am quite the introvert, nonetheless, I was able to overcome this and I must say, I have made friends who I believe will remain for life. Additionally, if I were being honest, I don’t think there is anything I would have done differently. I am so content with everything that I have experienced this first year.

Year Highlights

The first year highlights include meeting friends and discovering yourself and the type of people you would enjoy being around. In addition, learning how to enjoy my own company as being around people can sometimes be overwhelming. Most importantly, going for raves! 

Top Tips

My top tips for you are: