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Deniz Ereskenazi

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I am from Istanbul, Turkey and I have always wanted to study abroad. Noticing my bachelor’s degree was insufficient both for my personal development and business goals, motivated me to search for a Master's degree abroad. My future career plan is to become a successful brand manager at a global company.

*Deniz graduated from her MSc degree in International Marketing in 2019 and whilst no longer a current student, is now one of our successful alumni. Her story will still be relevant for many of you thinking of undertaking your studies at Newcastle University London.

Your course

I have grown up in an environment where I saw my father selling and marketing his product over the phone. I have grown up watching TV ads with my family just for fun. In my bachelor’s degree, I studied PR and the course content provided Marketing lectures as well. I enjoyed Marketing lectures more than the other ones and that was when I initially decided to study Marketing as whole because knowing just PR was not enough. After making my mind up on studying a Master's degree, I already knew I was going to study Marketing.

Choosing Newcastle University London

Going through the programs offered abroad, I noticed that Newcastle University had a London campus. I have always wanted to study in a vibrant city like Istanbul so that I would feel less homesick. Another fact that really attracted me was the international scope of Marketing. Other universities do not provide this international scope. Studying International Marketing, will enable me to work around the world.

Highlights so far

London campus is very small compared to other universities, however I am very fine with it. It reminds me of my bachelor’s degree where my campus was small. In a focused campus, you can be close with your lecturers and the career service can spare their time for you. It is really easy to communicate with your friends since you are having mutual courses in small classrooms. Studying at NUL has given me more than I expected. The content of the courses and the real-life projects have made us learn the theoretical knowledge as well as given us the practical experience.

Best bits about your course

To be honest, I enjoy it as a whole because I love marketing so much! My favourite part is where we combine human psychology with marketing, also known as consumer behaviour. I have read many books on neuromarketing and consumer behaviour, this subject really interests me. I also really liked the fact that we did a couple of real-life projects. We proposed a marketing report for a logistics company in London. This practical approach, made us experience what marketing really is in real life and boost the creativity to come up with diverse solutions.

Living in London 

I live in a house share with other flatmates. When I first came here, I was staying at my friend’s house and it took me for a while to find a home that I really liked. I found this house through online search. I live very close to the University and not using the commute is just perfect! Proximity brings a lot of favourable facts. I have more time to sleep before attending the class, I do not waste time commuting and in the case of forgetting things at home I can always go back to home quickly!

Being a student in London

London is a very active city. There are always interesting events! Since I grew up in a vibrant city, I love the fact that you can find everything you want no matter the time and location! If you want to go clubbing during the week, you can easily find hundreds of them. If you are hungry at night, there some places you can go and have dinner. For the first time in my life, on New Year’s Eve I was away from my home country. Even though we could not go to Trafalgar Square because of the crowd, we managed to go to the Tower Bridge to watch the fireworks. This is something about London, you always have many options! You just have to choose between the opportunities.

Top tips for prospective students

NUL is a very highly ranked university and being accepted here is not easy. As far as my experience, I recommend NUL to anyone who wants to study in a business school.

My advice for those ones who want to study in the UK:

  • Choose your university and course wisely
  • Consider proximity to university when finding a house/accommodation
  • Be active! Attend to events, even try to find events that are out of university
  • Always party hard but also study harder!

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