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Maria Carbajales

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I am a Uruguayan who loves sports, I am currently playing field hockey at West Hampstead Hockey Club in London. I am very passionate, cheerful and open so I am hoping to bring that team spirit to NUL. My goal is to work as a Communications and Marketing director in a multinational company, preferably linked to sports or the arts.

*Maria graduated from her MSc degree in International Marketing in 2019 and whilst no longer a current student, is now one of our successful alumni working as a full-time Marketing Officer in London. Her story will still be relevant for many of you thinking of undertaking your studies at Newcastle University London.

Your course

I chose to study a Master’s in International Marketing because I wanted to continue studying and have an international experience. I really do not know what I want to do after the masters, but I think it is okay. I did my BA in Communications and I see myself following a communications career; as I am very good with people. But I think that Marketing gives you a more business applied scope which I wanted to have. I also chose the course because of its International Environment, I am very curious so I find that working with diverse people stimulates me and improves my learning. 

Choosing Newcastle University London

I chose Newcastle University because I wanted an international experience and needed a challenge. I wanted to study in a different language from my native tongue, Spanish, and in a demanding atmosphere. When looking at Universities, Newcastle’s research based approach really intrigued me. Another thing that attracted me was that the University emphasized in diversity and an international environment, which are things that stimulate and motivate me. My field hockey teammate once said that I could be put in any room, full of people from all over the world, and l could still manage to connect. I believe this is because I enjoy working in diverse environments with people.

Highlights so far

What I enjoy most about the university are my classmates. My class is one of the most diverse environments I have been exposed to. I have classmates from Myanmar, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India, Korea, China, Thailand, Ecuador, among others. I have really enjoyed learning about other people’s stories and points of view. The diverse environment really motivates me and they are just great, I could really see myself working and developing projects with some of my classmates. Also, I believe that the relationships developed in class are strong. For a person coming from such a far away country, Uruguay, your classmates are like your family in a way and they help you, understand you and motivate you every day.

Best bits about your course

The International scope. Not only my classmates (who are the best!) come from all sort of different nationalities and backgrounds; but my teachers also. I enjoy the academic content of the classes but I am also very stimulated by the different personalities and teaching styles.
What I find very interesting is how you can relate to others and find different connections even if you come for the most opposite cultures and backgrounds. Also how much you learn from other cultures and ways of thinking.

Living in London

Accommodation in London is just crazy: crazy expensive, crazy demand and supply, and crazy anecdotes.
To find an apartment for me was an interesting experience, I went to almost 25. I had the most varied experiences from seeing unaffordable dream flats to literally being presented a living room with a hole in the ground. All in all, I found a nice apartment with a very good location. But it takes time, lots of time. My advice for students coming to London is be patient and do not choose the first one that comes across. 

Being a student in London

It is living the dream. I must admit I miss my family and friends in Uruguay very much but the experience is worth it. You get to know people from different parts of the world, with different perspectives, styles, paradigms; it is so exciting. Also the city is just spectacular, there are always things to do, places to visit, it caters for all tastes (and as a foodie, I should know). It surprises you with little and huge things all the time, there is just nowhere like this. London is thriving with colours, art, music, culture, sports, fashion and diversity. It is really excellent gift you can give to your senses. In a more philosophical perspective I believe London is unique, because it allows you to be whoever you want to be.

Tips for prospective students

My advice is that if you are looking for a master’s experience, just go for it. It does not matter if you are not 100% sure as many decisions are not 100% certain. What I guarantee is that you will not regret it. Coming here has been one of the best experiences I have so far: I have learned about my area of study, I have met great people, I have discovered career paths that I did not know I could follow. Whatever you end up doing I believe this experiences will always remain in your memory.

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