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Usually a shy yet an entrepreneurial individual, my name is Naomi Odia and I was born and raised in London (best city in the world)! I am an International Business Management undergraduate student. I have a deep passion for writing and being able to share my experiences with others so that we can grow together and learn from these life ventures.

*Naomi graduated from her degree in International Business Management and whilst no longer a current student, is now one of our successful alumni. Her story will still be relevant for many of you thinking of undertaking your studies at Newcastle University London.

Your course

With a deep interest in business and a passion to learn new cultures, International Business Management was the course for me. It tallied up everything I enjoyed in sixth form, as well as giving me a broad range of career options for the future.

Choosing Newcastle University London

I saw many opportunities to grow as an individual and gain a better insight into the financial and business sector in London. By being a student here, I have been able to gain experiences of these careers giving me a better understanding of what I want to do in the future.

Highlights so far

I am enjoying the city of London of course. But, most importantly, I like how the lecturers are so willing to help you in your studies, they are always available when you need it. Additionally, I like how the University brings everyone together.

Best bits about my course

I’m enjoying my course as a whole. It’s really interesting and we are exploring many theories of International business which I am really excited about.

Living in London

I love my student accommodation in Chapter Aldgate, it was easy to find as the University has links with the company. It’s literally just an 8-minute walk to the University.

Being a student in London

London is the best city to go to University in. Although some people may say it is busy and you don’t get that same ‘university’ feel, that’s not true. If you stay in accommodation with other students you will definitely get the university experience in such a fun city, with lots of things to do and many opportunities.

Top tips for prospective students

It’s a great choice, there are so many opportunities you don’t want to miss out on as well as many great people to meet.

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