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My name is Neetu and I am from Surrey. I completed my BA in English Language and Communications and I am currently studying MSc International Business Management. I am a Student Ambassador at Newcastle University London and I thoroughly enjoy engaging with the many different activities which take place at university.

*Neetu graduated from her degree in International Business Management and whilst no longer a current student, is now one of our successful alumni. Her story will still be relevant for many of you thinking of undertaking your studies at Newcastle University London.

Your course

I chose the MSc International Business Management because I was fortunate enough to have received a scholarship during my undergraduate degree. This remarkable experience motivated me because I wanted to learn more about globalisation and internationalisation. I found this element of business management interesting and my course is particularly relevant in today’s business world.

Choosing Newcastle University London

I chose to study here because the course was not only appealing to me, but it also provided many opportunities for my future career. Newcastle University has an excellent, scholarly reputation and I was aware of the different skills I would learn by being a student here. I was also interested in the various industrial engagement activities which take place on campus every Wednesday and I wanted to be exposed to as many opportunities as possible during my time here.

Highlights so far

I really enjoyed our day trip to Newcastle campus for the ‘Gain a Global advantage’ event. This trip was a great way to engage with our colleagues up in Newcastle and to explore the city. My other main highlight was when guests from ‘Age UK’ visited the London campus and we got the chance to have lunch with them, play board games and ensure that they had a lovely experience. It was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding.

Best bits about my course

I am enjoying studying a wide range of subjects which are all taught in unique ways. For example, some modules are primarily coursework based and others involve group work. This is a creative way of learning as I am acquiring many new skills. I am also enjoying the fact that we learn many entrepreneurial skills, for example, we have a ‘Spitalfields Challenge’ coming up in which we must come up with a product in groups of 5-6 and try to sell them at Spitalfields market. I am really excited for this.

Living in London

I live at home in Surrey which is not far from London. However, I did consider moving into accommodation and the process was very simple and the university staff were extremely helpful when I was undecided on whether to move out or not.

Being a student in London

Being a student in London opens up many opportunities as there's always something new happening every day. It's extremely enjoyable exploring the nearby areas, trying new restaurants. And knowing that Oxford Street is only a few stops away on the tube is fantastic for me as I love fashion and shopping.  The location right by Liverpool Street is great because there is so much to do. Moreover, the transport is very accessible making it easy to explore different places.

Top tips for prospective students

My main advice is to visit the campus because it helps you to get a real feel for what the university atmosphere will be like. You can also picture yourself being here. It's also important to check out university websites to compare different courses. Lastly, make sure you don't leave applying too late as you may need time to visit the campus and apply for accommodation.


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