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Music enthusiast with a zest for desserts, bluebirds and K-pop. A first-year International Marketing and Management student at NUL falling for London’s charm every day, seeking to document beauty through lens and paper, and share my experience with the rest of the world.

Your course

Marketing and the influence it has over us has always interested me. How every little decision we make from buying a cup of coffee or that Spring Couture Gucci dress relies (consciously or unconsciously) on all the promotions booming around us. Marketing baffles me, excites me and attracts me. 

Choosing Newcastle University London

A Russell group university with a prestigious history and heritage and notable graduates are a few reasons I choose NUL. Another is it’s location at the heart of one of the biggest business centres in London, providing me with opportunities including events, education fairs, and access to employers.

Highlights so far

I love the close-knit environment in the classrooms. The lecturers have a better understanding of the students, knowing them individually, and their strengths and weaknesses. The students all know each other - it's like we are a little family. I also greatly enjoy being here in London, where there are endless opportunities. I love the masterclasses we have every week, introducing us to new industries, experienced professionals, potential employers, and graduates sharing their experiences.

Best bits about my course

Marketing is a versatile course. There are many strands to explore and I enjoy the fact that we do look at a different perspective on the course. Rather than just conventional lectures, we also have seminars, discussions, teamwork and challenges, visits to Museums, and much more!

Living in London

As a first-year student, I chose to live in University Accommodation, ‘Scape East’ in Mile End. The university managed and dealt with all the paperwork too. So yes, I'm having a great time here. It's close to bus and tube stations, and there are grocery stores nearby. Westfield Stratford shopping centre is also just a tube station away.

Being a student in London

I think being a student in London is a privilege in itself. I love the people here. Their friendliness is admirable and no one feels different. The vibrancy of the city is what I enjoy the most. It’s like London is a city that doesn’t sleep. There is always so much to do, so many places to see and not to mention, so many cuisines to try! Wherever you come from, you will find your cuisine here. Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian - it’s all here.

Top tips for prospective students

As an international student, I would highly recommend other prospective international students to study in the UK. The education here is of the greatest quality with the best faculty. And as a university, I think NUL is a great choice, with its award-winning careers service and high-quality education.

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