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I am a second-year Accounting and Finance student in hope of having an irreplaceable experience and connect with people to build up my network’. “The cure for ignorance is to question” – is my life motto!

Your course

I chose to pursue a three-year BSc Accounting and Finance programme since it was the next stepping-stone to equip me for a successful career. I was fascinated by the interplay of accountancy and corporate finance and wanted to broaden my knowledge about the business world. It is a professionally accredited course, so it is recognised by a wide range of employers and I believe this will aid me in all sectors and industries – as it is a very versatile degree!

Choosing Newcastle University London

I applied to study at Newcastle University London ‘BSc Accounting and Finance’ course, because of the reputation Newcastle has as a Russell Group and its location in the central financial hub in London. Another reason I applied to this university was because of the unique approach to the way it is taught and structured. In particular, I was interested in the variety of teaching methods such as seminars which will help to improve my interpersonal relationship for when I join the workforce. The combination of exams, portfolio assignments, group assignments and presentation - as a way of being assessed will aid me in the future when applying to jobs and working with colleagues on projects - these being the few reasons I choose to study at NUL!

Highlights so far

So far, my time at Newcastle University London has been delightful and pleasant. I enjoy the close-knit environment and friendly atmosphere. My highlights being all the wonderful opportunities that the university has offered me. I have been able to start up a new society called London Food Society, I believed this to be a good way of meeting new people and to share my passion for food! The masterclasses, winter courses and being a part of the NCL+ Award is a huge enhancement to my CV. So being involved in both academic and social extra-curricular activities, has been the highlight of my time at NUL so far!

Best bits about your course

I like the balance of academic theory and practical real-life projects. So far, I enjoy the accounting-focused modules but also the modules which cover other aspects of business such as law and management. Accounting and Finance is a well-rounded course, as I have been able to apply the academic knowledge to stimulated real-life situations and I enjoy witnessing the development of my skills through the opportunities in this course.

Living in London

I am a live-at-home student, as I live in the city of London – so my commute to university is less than 40 mins away. I find it easy to travel to university as the transport links such as the tube and bus are very accessible, and I can simply track the arrival times using my phone. I am grateful for living at home as I am stress-free of any responsibilities that come with living in an accommodation.

Being a student in London

One of the best decisions I have made is to study in the city of London. London is a very accessible city and has provided me with countless opportunities (both in my personal life and academia). What I enjoy the most about London is the diverse culture, which allows me to go to a variety of restaurants and enjoy different cuisines and people from around the world.

Top tips for for prospective students

My advice to all prospective students is to make sure you do your research! Newcastle University London was the right place for me for many reasons (easy commute, provided me with my chosen course and the teaching style enticed me), but make sure you know what you want out of your time at NUL – and then if it still ticks all the boxes – I’m sure it is right for you!

As NUL is located at the core of the financial hub, you are already one step closer to employers and unique opportunities.

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