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Soojeong Seol



I am from South Korea and the first time when I came to London was about 4 years ago. I spent an amazing 2 years in London working in a coffee shop as an assistant manager. I wondered how living in London would be as a student and I wanted to experience a free life again, not working.

*Soojeong graduated from her MSc in International Marketing in 2019. Whilst she is no longer a current student, Soojeong is now one of our successful alumni. Her story will still be relevant for many of you thinking of undertaking your studies at Newcastle University London.

Your course

My major was Business Administration in university and I really liked to meet people through working in service sector. Moreover, I thought that studying business in London would be a great opportunity for me and my future career. These are the reasons that led me choose a MSc International Marketing course at Newcastle University London (NUL).

Choosing Newcastle University London

NUL is well known for high levels of student satisfaction, excellent graduate employment prospects and great location. It is also, highly rated by various institutes who have confirmed the superiority of its Business department. Last but not least, there are chances for students to enhance their workplace performance through solving practical business cases.

Highlights so far

NUL is located in the centre of London. This brings numerous advantages to me. One of them is that I am able to attend many workshops about business and go to a lot of tourist attractions without a long journey. Furthermore, there are many international students in NUL, which is good for me as I get to learn about different views from multinational students.

Best bits about your course

In the MSc International Marketing course, there are chances to participate in group work solving the real business examples. These excite me and increase my work ability before starting my career in the field of Marketing. In addition, teaching from enthusiastic lecturers encourages me to focus on my study.

Living in London

I live in the place where I lived before on my working holidays. I share one room with my roommate from South Korea and live with a family in their house. At first, I knew this family and house through my friend and she recommended me the room where I am staying now. The house is in a central location which is good to go to school.

Being a student in London

Living in London as a student has brought me more opportunities to broaden my insight to see the world and to make international friends. Besides, there are so many benefits of discount in a number of different shops for students compared to discount benefits in South Korea. 

Tips for prospective students

Studying in London is one of the greatest chances for students. If you want to study Business in depth, your decision to NUL will never let you down. NUL is renowned for excellence in teaching and researching as one of the Russell group members. Also, they provide a well-structured Business course and experience to apply the key fundamentals to real life examples which will boost your job performance.

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