About LTDS - Strategic plan to 2019

Our Core Purpose

Working together to make the student learning experience the best that it can be.

Our core values

Collectively and as individuals, all our work is underpinned by the following values:

  • Ensuring that everything we do contributes to the University’s mission of advancing education and learning.
  • Seeking to develop open and constructive partnerships within the Service and across the University, underpinned by a commitment to open, honest and effective communication.
  • Focusing on the outcomes of what we do, always seeking to deliver maximum effectiveness through our activities.
  • Adopting a problem-solving approach in all situations.

What we do

We work with colleagues across the University to help create, and support the delivery of, the future of learning and teaching at Newcastle University.

We support the development and implementation of institutional strategy for enhancing the University’s educational provision.  We work with programme teams, academic units and Faculties to help them realise their ambitions to improve the learning opportunities they give to students.

We develop the institutional policy framework for managing quality and standards.  We work closely with Faculties and academic units to support them in implementing this framework, and assuring the quality and standards of the academic awards achieved by Newcastle’s students.

We work in partnership across the Service, and with academic units and other Professional Support Services, recognising the different but complementary expertise that exists within the University and seeking through all our activities to facilitate the exchange of this knowledge and expertise.

Our Strategic Plan

Our Action Plan