A To Z

Michelle Barr
Learning Enhancement and Technology Projects Adviser

Gilly Box
Development Officer

Katy Brennan
Clerical Assistant

Claire Burnham
Learning Enhancement and Technology Co-ordinator

Ashleigh Cummins
Senior Clerical Assistant

Nuala Davis
Learning Enhance & Techno Proj Adviser

Dr Jolein De Ridder
Educational Governance Officer

Sonia Dutton

Jack Ennis
Educational Governance & Data Coordinator

Lisa Fishburn
Learning Enhancement and Technology Adviser

Dr Rebecca Gill
Learning Enhancement & Techno Adviser

Sue Gill
Academic Practice Team Leader

Suzanne Hardy
Senior Project Officer

Dr Richard Harrison
Deputy Director of Academic Services

Dr Claire Irving
Teaching Excellence Framework Manager

Laura Johnstone
Educational Governance Officer

Sarah Levison
Educational Governance Team Manager

Devin Louttit
Clerical Assistant

Deborah Marshall
Office Manager

Lynsey Mullen
Diary manager to Dr Richard Harrison

Rachael Oyston
Clerical Assistant

Graeme Redshaw-Boxwell
Learning Enhancement and Technology Team Manager

Dr Rosa Spencer
Professional Development Manager

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 8376

Carol Summerside
Development Officer

Janice Trewick
Development Officer

Elisabeth Turnbull
Education, Governance and Data Coordinator