Online Assessment and Feedback (OLAF)

The OLAF Service enables staff to run secure online exams using Blackboard. OLAF exams are taken by students in a university computer cluster. The computers are locked down so that students cannot access anything else online or in their files during the exam. OLAF is run in collaboration with the Exams Office and university invigilators support the exams.

Tests can be built directly in Blackboard, or written in Word and converted with Respondus.

You can use OLAF to:

  • Set formative assessments to test students’ knowledge
  • Run secure summative assessments in term-time and exam periods
  • Automatically provide detailed individual feedback to each student

How LTDS can help:

The OLAF team in LTDS offer support for academic and administrative staff running an OLAF exam. We provide training on creating objective test questions in Blackboard and using Respondus to convert questions written in Microsoft Word.

Visit the OLAF section of the LTDS blog for information on the OLAF service and how to use it, or email