Student Response Systems

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Student Response Systems allow you to poll student's responses in a lecture or seminar, giving you immediate feedback on your teaching or allowing you to gauge responses to a question or an idea.

You could use it to:

  • Check that students have understood a concept or idea;
  • Facilitate groupwork;
  • Poll responses to a certain issue;
  • Create charts and graphs to show opinion within the group.

The current centrally supported systems at the University are TurningPoint and OMBEA and the software for both is installed in all centrally-supported teaching rooms and work with PowerPoint enabling staff to use it in lectures and seminars.

However from 2017/18 the centrally supported solution will be OMBEA only.


OMBEA integrates with PowerPoint and unlike the traditional 'clickers' gives presenters more question type options and allows the audience to easily submit responses using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Question types include:.

  • Multiple-choice
  • Alphanumeric
  • Multiple response
  • Essay

How LTDS can help

The software for OMBEA is free to download.

A basic user guide has been developed to support staff who are using OMBEA.

To be added to the University licence please complete the registration form

OMBEA Training

We offer workshops for staff using OMBEA.