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Turnitin is a software program which searches a huge database of journals, past student work and much of the internet to find strings of text which match with a piece of student work.

When a student submits a piece of work to Turnitin a report showing these matches is produced. This can then be assessed to see if the matches are common phrases, correctly referenced, or not correctly referenced and require follow-up with the student.

Turnitin and plagiarism

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Turnitin does not "find" plagiarism. It is necessary for someone to look at the report and make a judgement about the information provided by from Turnitin. It can be an important check to ensure students are not submitting work previously submitted by another student.

The University has agreed Turnitin Principles governing the submission of all appropriate assessments through Turnitin.

The Student Progress Service publishes information on Assessment Irregularities and more general information on plagiarism is available here.

Marking assessments online through GradeMark

Turnitin's online marking facility GradeMark enables you to mark assignments online. Libraries of assignment feedback can be created and added to students' work alongside free-form comments. Marking criteria can be integrated into the software providing a clear indication of how a student has done on each strand of the rubric.

Dr Nick Randall, Newcastle University

'Grademark helps me to complete my marking more efficiently and allows me to provide clearer and more focused feedback to my students. Students really value receiving their feedback online - it is more legible, has more extensive comments and can be collected whenever and wherever they wish' - Dr Nick Randall, Politics, School of Geography, Politics and Sociology.


How LTDS can help:

LTDS provide the pedagogic and administrative support for Turnitin. If you want to make use of this software as part of your strategy to improve academic practice and reduce plagiarism or if you are interested in learning more about GradeMark please contact us at ltds@ncl.ac.uk.

Turnitin Training

We offer workshops and webinars for staff using Turnitin and Grademark.

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