UTLSEC Agenda and Documentation - 18 April 2012

Document A - Internationalisation Strategy
Document B - Key Principles of Educational Partnerships Policy
Document C - Teaching and Learning Projects Operational Group: Initial Proposal Template
Document D - Policy for the ReCap Service
Document E - Policy on Surveying and Responding to Student Opinion
Document F - Qualifications Information Review
Document G - Minutes of the meeting held on 7 March 2012
Document H - Internationalisation Executive Group (IEG) minutes
Document I - Guidance for UK higher education providers on International students studying in the UK
Document J - Consultation on draft guidance for UK higher education providers on enterprise and entrepreneurship education
Document K - KITE Report: PGR students who teach
Document L - Approval of recommendations relating to degree programmes and other qualifications awarded by the University
Document M - Final report on digital rights