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External Examiners Report

External Examiners Report

Handbook for External Examiners of Taught Programmes

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You are required to report annually to the University on the quality, standards and procedures of the programme(s).

Completion and Submission of Report

Reports should be submitted via an online submission system, which is available here.  You will login using your own institution email details.

Plese note that you need to provide an answer to each question in order to progress through the report.

There is further guidance on using the online submission system and completion of your report which is available here, and if you have any support queries on using the system please contact :

Please try to be specific in each section of the report and ensure that your report contains clear feedback on the quality and standards.  Please include any areas on good practice and areas for enhancement.  One word or one sentence responses throughout the report may not provide the subject area with enough information to enhance their programme(s).  All sections within the report must be completed, if the section is not applicable, please insert N/A.

When you are completing the report please do not mention individual staff or students by name.

The report consists of 7 sections
Section A External Examiner details  This section will provide details of the programmes which you are examining. 
Section B Summary of comments for the attention of School, Faculty and University  This is section is to note any areas of exemplary practice which could be shared or adopted by other subject areas.  Commendations any areas of good and efficient practice which deserve recognition.  Recommendations for the school, faculty or university. 
Section C Quality and Standards  This section asks questions regarding the quality and standards of the programmes. 
Section D Procedures  This section asks questions about the procedures during assessment process for the academic year. 
Section E Educational Partnerships  This section is only for those programmes subject to a collaborative arrangement. 
Section F Final comments  This section is option and allows you to add any further comments for consideration. 
Section G End of appointment  This section is for your final year of appointment and allows you to provide an overview report. 

Once you have completed your report please submit by the following deadlines:

  • For undergraduate programmes (except for MBBS and BDS programmes) – 1 September
  • For taught postgraduate programmes – 30 November

Please do let us know if you will be late in submitting your report.  If you have not submitted your report by the deadline a reminder will be sent to you.  Failure to submit your report could result in your appointment being terminated.  On receipt of your report the Examinations Office will make arrangements for your fee to be paid.

Matters of Serious Concern

If you wish to raise a matter of serious concern with the Vice-Chancellor, you should contact the Vice Chancellor, Newcastle University, King’s Gate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU.  Serious concerns might include those which put academic standards or quality at risk, such as:

  • Significant deficiencies in academic provision by a School;
  • Substantial differences in the application of assessment criteria within the same School;
  • Major irregularities or deficiencies in the examination and assessment processes;
  • Lack of facilities appropriate to the standard normally expected for a particular programme of study.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education will conduct necessary investigations and will respond directly to you.

What happens to your report

Following receipt of your report will be circulated to the following:

  • School Learning & Teaching Manager (for Board of Studies attention)
  • Faculty Education Committee
  • Learning & Teaching Development Service

The report will be considered by the Board of Studies which will include student representatives.  The Chair of the Board of Studies will ensure that a written response is sent to you.  The response will address all issues raised in the report and should outline any actions to be taken and/or reasons for disagreeing with any recommendation(s).  You should expect to receive the response directly from the School within the following timescale:

  • Undergraduate programmes (except MBBS and BDS) – No later than the end of November
  • Taught postgraduate programmes – No later than the end of January

If you made a recommendation to the University, this will be considered by either the Learning and Teaching Development Service or the University Taught Programme Sub-Committee and a response will be provided to you.