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Fees and Expenses

Fees and Expenses

Handbook for External Examiners of Taught Programmes

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As an external examiner you will be compensated for your service. Information on Newcastle University External Examining Fees can be found here.

All fee rates include one annual visit (for up to 3 days) for purposes of moderation and attendance at the Board of Examiners.  You may claim a fee of £50 per visit for up to 2 additional visits per year if it has been agreed with the Chair of the Board of Examiners that these are essential to the role.  These visits may be used, for example, to facilitate meetings between you and students or to enable you to attend student presentations, performances, etc.

You will be paid additional fees

  • for modules or programmes which are offered at multiple locations (External Examining for taught programmes or modules offered in multiple locations).
  • if you are asked to provide an independent view on changes proposed to existing programmes.

The payment of fees is conditional upon receipt of completed reports by the deadlines provided in section 5 and is done automatically.  Fees will be paid into your bank account on the last day of the month only if the report is received by the University before 12th of the same month, otherwise, payment will be made on the last day of the following month.

Please note that all fees are taxed.


Newcastle University will reimburse you for the following types of expenses:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation and related costs
  • Meals

Expenses can be claimed by accessing the External Examiners System.