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Degree Programme Handbook

Degree Programme Handbook

All taught degree programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate, must have handbooks.

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About the Handbook

All taught degree programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate) are required to have handbooks. Details included in handbooks should conform to University requirements and procedures and should always be clear, accurate and consistent with other sources of information provided to students (e.g. module guides, school handbooks). For branch campus, transnational or partnership programmes, any local differences or other variations from Newcastle University’s institutional policies and practices should be clearly noted and explained.  


Each programme handbook must contain a summary of programme commitments in a prominent place at the beginning of the document. This summary of commitments is included in Section A.  


Aside from the summary of programme commitments, which is required, the following list of suggested sections is not definitive but reflects the requirements of the national quality agenda with its emphasis on standards and its reference to subject benchmarks, programme specifications and the Framework for HE Qualifications. Guidance is provided on the information to cover and, where appropriate, sample text is provided. 


The following document includes both italicized guidance text (outlining what should be included in each section) and sample text, given purely as an example to help prepare degree programme handbooks (in standard font). Sample text can be copied and used verbatim, or subject areas may edit the text to suit their own purposes and needs. The order of the items shown is not meant to be prescriptive but merely indicative.  


The following sections have been updated for 2021-22: 


Section A 

  1. 3. Key dates
  2. 4. University Timetable
  1. 5. Student Charter and Newcastle Offer
  2. 4. Teaching and Contact Hours


Section B 

  1. 5. Graduate Framework
  2. Peer Mentoring


Section C 

  1. 4. Student Services (King’s Gate)
  2. 5. Student Advice Centre – has been moved to section H.


Section D 

  1. If you are ill or away from the University for personal reasons
  2. Personal Extenuating Circumstances
  1. Complaints and Appeals
  2. 3. Late Submission of Assessed Work


Section E 

  1. 4. Examinations
  2. 9. Assessment Irregularities and Disciplinary Procedures 


Section F 

  1. 2. Stage Evaluations and Module Feedback
  2. 3. National Surveys


  1. 4. Academic Student Representation


Section H 

New Section on Health and Wellbeing. 


Section I  

Updated Resources section  


Section J 

Updated Additional University Contact Information  


Section K  

New Section with links to relevant websites contained within the handbook 


The handbook is available in Canvas Commons from the following link   

From here you can download the handbook and customise make available to your students via Canvas. 


Please note that a series of web pages provides an electronic alternative for some of the sections below. Academic units may wish to include links to the web pages (which are written in a student-facing manner) rather than include full details of the University policies in their handbooks. Links to these pages are available in Appendix A.  


If the items listed below appear in detail in other School or University documents given to students, there is no need to repeat the information in multiple places. Please give a reference in the degree programme handbook to where the information can be found (including web references where appropriate).  A summary of relevant contact details can be found towards the end of these guidelines. provides a useful gateway to many of these student services.