Section A: Introductory Information

The Student Charter and the Newcastle Offer

Newcastle University and the School aim to provide a high standard of teaching and a rich academic environment in which to learn and study. To this end, you will find that much of a staff member’s time, particularly during term-time, is devoted to all the aspects of teaching. You should, however, be aware of the other academic activities – both research and outside engagement – that staff members undertake and which make calls upon their time. The Student Charter ( clarifies exactly what you can expect from the University during your time on campus. In summary, you can expect the University and School to:

  • Provide a modern curriculum and high standards of teaching
  • Provide relevant information about the degree programme and individual modules
  • Provide opportunities for you to develop graduate and research skills
  • Provide access to an excellent library and IT facilities
  • Work with you to listen to student feedback and shape the University experience
  • Publish clear information on programme costs, payment options and any additional costs
  • Provide clear deadlines for assignments and timeframes in which you will receive feedback
  • Notify you in advance of any planned changes to the curriculum and timetable
  • Provide academic and personal support, through the personal tutoring system and professional support services
  • Ensure that all assessments are relevant and well-matched to each stage of your study.

As a University student, you must take responsibility for your own approach to studying and learning. The emphasis in class time will be on providing information and ideas, but you are expected to make the best use of the information that is presented to you. This requires regular attendance at all sessions in your timetable and submission of all assignments by the due dates. It also requires considerable study outside formal contact hours. In particular, the Student Charter clarifies exactly what is expected of all students.

In summary, you are expected to:
  • Attend and participate in all timetabled activities
  • Familiarise yourself with all information provided by the University and follow recognised procedures
  • Take responsibility for your own learning and devote the necessary time in private study to understand and learn the material
  • Submit all work on time and collect your feedback when it is returned
  • Seek help if you are encountering any difficulties and tell your personal tutor of any health or personal problems that could affect your work
  • Work with your student representatives to ensure that you make staff aware of any problems or things working well in the School
  • Complete feedback forms such as module evaluation forms and surveys to help the School and University improve
As a University student, you are expected to maintain the highest levels of behaviour and consideration toward other students, staff and members of the wider community.  The University expects students to conduct themselves in a reasonable and appropriate manner at all times, both on and off campus, to foster mutual respect and understanding.  This includes:
  • Behaving and communicating in ways that are unlikely to offend others.
  • Complying with all reasonable requests from staff
  • Being considerate to neighbours, especially in relation to noise levels and rubbish
  • Acting within the law.

To register at the University, you must accept the following declaration as part of the online registration process. 'I hereby promise to conform to the discipline of the University and to all statutes, regulations and rules in force for the time being in so far as they concern me'. The Student Discipline procedure can be accessed via the following link

The Newcastle Offer provides additional explanation about what the University offers undergraduate students for their fees and explains how the University delivers on its promises. More information on the Newcastle Offer is available here: (note you must be logged on to read this).

The Statement of the Taught Postgraduate Offer provides additional explanation about what the University offers postgraduate taught students, our philosophy and commitment. The statement is available here: (note you must be logged on to read this).