Section A: Introductory Information

Student Self-Service Portal (S3P)

S3P is your Student Self Service Portal, use this system if you want to;

  • Register on your programme of study
  • Keep details (addresses, etc.) up to date
  • Pay fees online
  • View and print documentation to confirm your student status (e.g. for council tax purposes).
  • Confirm module choices for the next academic year
  • Report an absence to your School.
  • Submit a Personal Extenuating Circumstance (PEC) form
Further detail is available here: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/students/progress/student-resources/s3p/

You can log on here: https://s3p.ncl.ac.uk/login/index.aspx

Remember that S3P does not use your campus log-in details. You will need your campus username and a DIFFERENT password.