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Student representation and feedback

Student representation and feedback

Degree Programme Handbook

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Section F

The University values your opinion very highlywe want to know when things are going well and when you think things can be improvedThere are a number of ways that you can provide feedback, including stage evaluations (surveys), student participation on committees and through your programme or School student representatives. It’s important that you take surveys and opportunities seriously and give your honest opinion. It is also important that you provide specific examples of what’s going well or not so well as this helps us know what we need to respond to, do more of etc. You should always be respectful in the comments that you provide, considering the issues or successes rather than criticism of individuals.

Student representation is a key part of how the University engages with students. The Student Representation Policy (jointly owned by the University and the Students’ Union) aims to ensure that every student is represented in institutional decision-making processes and that every student can contribute to the enhancement of their programme and learning experience.

Further information regarding Student-Staff Committees and Student Representation roles can be found via the following link