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Monitoring and Review

Monitoring and Review

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Newcastle University has comprehensive and robust quality management mechanisms. We have an excellent record in external quality assessment.

On the basis of this established reputation we are committed to ongoing self-evaluative reflection upon our quality management structures, ensuring that these remain fit for purpose and supportive of quality enhancement. A culture of continuous review and improvement underpins our approach at School, Faculty and institutional level.

All taught programmes must be reviewed annually and periodically re-approved at intervals of six years. The University regards annual and periodic review of programmes as two parts of the same process of continuous improvement and enhancement of provision.

Stage evaluations take place at the end of every semester and include one module-specific question for each of the modules taken that semester. Module leaders are also requested to conduct mid-module evaluations.  The results of stage evaluations are to be shared with students, and all students are to be presented with consolidated feedback on stage evaluation results at the start of each new semester. Mid-module evaluation is to be carried out approximately half-way through any active module through a range of methods. For modules that run across the year, feedback should be sought towards the end of semester one. Outcomes of mid-module evaluations are to be shared with students as quickly as possible. Academic Units should report on their chosen methods within the Annual Monitoring Review (AMR) process.