Monitoring and review

Newcastle University is an institution with comprehensive and robust quality management mechanisms and an excellent record in external quality assessment. On the basis of this established reputation we are committed to ongoing self-evaluative reflection upon our quality management structures, ensuring that these remain fit for purpose and supportive of quality enhancement. A culture of continuous review and improvement underpins our approach at School, Faculty and institutional level.

Each module should be evaluated every time it is delivered using the University’s module evaluation system and the outcomes should be considered by the Board of Studies. All taught programmes must be reviewed annually and periodically re-approved at intervals of six years. The University regards annual and periodic review of programmes as two parts of the same process of continuous improvement and enhancement of provision.

Module Evaluation is carried out by the relevant academic unit for every module each time it is delivered, using the University’s module evaluation system EvaSys.  Summary results of module evaluations are discussed at Boards of Studies and Student-Staff Committees, and results  may be used by academic staff in building their evidence of excellence in teaching for promotion applications, PDR and internal and external prizes and awards.

Annual Monitoring and Review (AMR) is a year-round process carried out by the Board of Studies according to an institutional schedule of business.

Learning and Teaching Review (LTR) for taught programmes is a comprehensive, in-depth periodic review. The process is led by internal and external peers and a student representative and is designed to provide evidence on the security of standards and the quality of the learning experience.

Professional Accreditation. The University has links with a wide range of Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) which provide valuable external review of the quality of our provision. Responsibility for detailed engagement with PSRBS resides with individual academic units. There is further information available on engagement with PSRBs and consideration of accreditation reports.

Research Degree Programmes. LTDS has responsibility for the Quality Assurance and Enhancement of Research Degree Programmes Framework.