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Online and Blended Learning

Online and Blended Learning

A combination of face-to-face teaching with online and computer-based activities.

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What is Blended Learning?

Online or blended learning is the combination of face-to-face teaching with online and computer-based activities. It can be particularly useful for distance learners or where students may be working alongside their studies because it allows more flexibility.

Students get can get access to materials whenever they need them, through Blackboard or other online places.

Activities such as online discussion boards and quizzes help students to learn and interact beyond the classroom, to consolidate and test their knowledge and support independent and group based study.

With lots of demands on your time, blended learning can offer a great way of supporting your students and delivering material effectively and efficiently.


Here are some useful definitions adapted from the Online Learning Consortium:

  • Web-enhanced learning: Some online activity is mixed with classroom meetings, replacing a small amount, but not all required face-to-face teaching activities.
  • Blended learning: A significant amount of course activity is done online, but there are some required face-to-face instructional activities, such as lectures, discussions, labs, or other in-person learning activities.
  • Online learning: Almost all or all course activity is done online; there are very few or no required face-to-face sessions within the course and few/no requirements for on-campus activity.
  • Flexible learning: Offers multiple delivery modes where time and place of study are extended beyond the traditional campus based programme.


Examples of online activities can include:

  • Video or audio recordings and resources, from group feedback to short explanations
  • Clips, news articles, songs, poems for discussion or simply context and interest
  • Tests and quizzes students can use to test their knowledge or to
  • Discussion boards with threads relating to certain topics or ideas