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Large Group Teaching

Large Group Teaching

Lectures are an efficient way of delivery information to large numbers of students.

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Large Group Teaching

Large group teaching at Newcastle mostly takes the form of lectures. Lectures offer an efficient way of presenting large volumes of information to large numbers of people. They can encourage students to learn independently while providing signposting to essential concepts and ideas which underpin a course or module.

A good lecture should convey the lecturer’s own interest and enthusiasm for the topic which will motivate the students to go off and follow up ideas on their own. It's important to make sure that your lecture is pitched correctly for the level of the students:

  • Is the material you're covering something they are already familiar with?
  • Do they need the basics or a more advanced and reflective approach?
  • How does it fit with the rest of the course?

Holding their Attention

Most lectures need to have changes of pace to help maintain focus and concentration. You might ask students:

  • to consider a question, then talk about it with their neighbours;
  • to watch a short video;
  • to solve a problem.

It’s also possible to use technologies like OMBEA to ask the group questions, poll answers or attitudes and to check that everyone understands.