What is NEPS?


Newcastle Educational Practice Scheme (NEPS) is a supportive and personalised route to Fellowship of Advanced HE. It provides new staff without a teaching qualification, with the knowledge and skills they need to enhance their teaching/support of learning and be able to make a successful claim for Fellowship (D2) of Advanced HE. The scheme includes a two-day conference, core and elective units and blended learning materials. The route through the scheme is fully supported by a mentor and the Academic Practice Team.

To book onto NEPS please complete this application form.

To contact us apt.lts@newcastle.ac.uk

The Conference

The two-day NEPS Conference is the first step on the NEPS pathway and is open to all new staff who support learning and teaching to introduce them to learning and teaching at Newcastle. The conference will enable participants to begin to think about their own practice and to build networks with colleagues across disciplines. As part of the Conference we will explain how the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) is part of NEPS and of your application for Fellowship.

Conference dates


12th 9.30-1, 14th 10-11, 20th 1-3 and 21st 9-10 (all Zoom sessions)

13th 9.30-1, 15th 10-11, 20th 1-3 and 21st 9-10 (all Zoom sessions)

There will be an intake in September, hopefully back on campus, dates are still to be confirmed but probably early September



The Core and Elective Units

As everyone's teaching role is different, we have developed a suite of short units of learning, each with a workshop and blended materials to support you. Each unit addresses specific aspects of supporting learning and teaching and links to the Newcastle context. Together with your Mentor, you will consider your role and its requirements, which of these units are appropriate for you and how they will fit into your other committments and agree a Development Needs Analysis. Each unit will run 3 or 4 times a year and at least one of the workshops will be a webinar, rather than face to face.


Benefits of NEPS


  • Gain Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy
  • Establish networks with colleagues across disciplines and campuses
  • Consolidate evidence of professional development
  • Align your learning and teaching practice with the UKPSF
  • Develop new skills and approaches to enhance your teaching practice
  • Have the support of an experienced colleague as a Mentor
  • Have a personalised, bespoke route through the scheme which is tailored to what you need
  • Flexibility in dates and times of the workshops and webinars