What is plagiarism?

The Plagiarism Working Group in May 2007 defined plagiarism as "the use of the work of others without acknowledgement." This definition includes not just written work but also music, images, computer code and ideas.

Ways to minimise opportunities for plagiarism

The design of assessment, both in the questions asked and the ways in which those questions are asked can play a major role in minimising the opportunities for plagiarism.

What to do if you suspect plagiarism has occurred?

If you suspect plagiarism has occurred see the Assessment Irregularities information on the Student Progress Service webpage

The Turnitin service can be used to check electronically available written work and is integrated with Blackboard. For further information on how to set up and use Turnitin see Turnitin Guides and browse available Turnitin Training sessions.

The Right-Cite webpages provide further information and links to resources for staff and students.

International Journal for Educational Integrity (IJEI)

The IJEI is an international, peer-reviewed journal providing a platform for educators across all sectors to research issues in the multi-disciplinary field of educational integrity. The IJEI challenges readers to consider the changing nature of education in a globalised environment, and the impact that conceptions of educational integrity have on issues of pedagogy, academic standards, intercultural understanding and equity.