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Support for Schools

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Boosting Survey Responses Rates

Looking for tips on boosting the response rates of the NSS or others surveys? Below you will find a few ideas on how to achieve a higher response rate…

Some ideas on what you could do…

Use slides to promote Stage Evaluations within lectures. (download resource)

Communicate with your students by email using the provided email template. (download resource)

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Actively encourage completion using a mobile device. Wireless access is being continuously improved across campus (as a result of student feedback) which should make this really easy! When using a smartphone students just need to follow the link in their email which will automatically take them to the mobile version of the NSS Survey or Stage Evaluations.

Arrange dedicated information sessions or set aside a brief amount of time at the start or end of timetabled sessions for students to complete surveys on their own devices.

Task student ambassadors or stage reps with encouraging their cohort to take part in surveys by posting on School/Programme social media. Encouraging discussion amongst student cohorts may lead to positive suggestions for improvement.

Communication is key…

Try to ensure examples of improvements made both in house and across the wider University in response to survey results are communicated widely. The  page highlights the Student Voice Forums, where colleagues come together and discuss good practices. For more ideas on what you can do to boost response rates, this blog post holds additional tips.

Response Rates

A student intern employed by LTDS produced a useful analysis of influences on and opportunities to boost response rates that was considered by Student Experience Sub-Committee in May 2016.