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Stage and Module Evaluation

Stage and Module Evaluation

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About Stage and Module Evaluations

In an effort to streamline stage and module evaluations, changes were approved by University Education Committee (UEC) in May and subsequently in October to the delivery of these surveys with effect from 2019/2020.

The main changes are listed below, for further information please see the full report that went to UEC in October 2019:

  • Individual module evaluations will no longer run in the academic year 2019/20 except through consultation with LTDS for new modules or to support accreditation. Schools will no longer be required to set these up.
  • Stage evaluations will continue but from academic year 2019/20 these will be managed centrally by LTDS.
  • Stage evaluations will run in semester one for all stages of taught programmes and again in semester 2 in stages where students are not in their final year of study. Undergraduate students in their final year of study will take part in a shortened stage evaluation and the NSS.  Postgraduate taught students in their final year will take part in a shortened version of a stage evaluation and the PTES.
  • The questions asked to students will depend on the stage and semester of their study. All surveys will include an open question relating to individual modules which the student is taking within that period. Stage evaluation question set.
  • Amended question sets will be asked for AY2020/21 due to ongoing disruption as a result of the pandemic.
  • Semester 1 Stage Evaluaiton Questions AY2020/21
  • Semester 2 Stage Evaluation Questions AY2020/21
  • An increased emphasis on iformal check-in's to support the new approach to SET.

These changes offer a balance of addressing the issues regarding the validity and reliability, as well as gender bias of previous module evaluation data. By making changes to SET this also reflects feedback received from many colleagues that the most useful aspect of the current approach to online module evaluations, is the free text comments.

Stage Evaluations

In order for evaluations to be conducted in a timely manner and feedback made available to staff, evaluations will be conducted during a set survey window. During this evaluation period schools will be asked to select the start and end date that they wish their evaluations to run. LTDS will conduct a data collection exercise in the proceeding period to determine school preferences for survey open and close dates.

During the academic year the survey windows are:

  • Semester 1: Two teaching weeks before christmas; one after and the first three teaching weeks of semester 2
  • Semester 2: Three teaching weeks before exams, three weeks after exams

Survey results will be made available to a nominated contact within the School as a pdf summary report once the survey has closed. Module leaders will receive a collated report of all free text comments relating to their module once these have been processed and collated at the end of each survey window.
Additionally all results will be made availabel through a dedicated Power BI report. This can be found on the LTDS PowerBI Dashboard page.

Module Evaluations

If there is a requirement for schools to conduct a module evaluation for the purposes of accreditation or where a module is running for the first time and a school would prefer to evaulate this in more detail, LTDS will run these on behalf of the School. This can be requested by completing the following web form no later than four teaching weeks prior to the end of modules. Once the form is submitted LTDS will contact the subject area to confirm when the evaluations will take place. Feedback from the surveys will then be sent to module leaders once the survey has closed. There is no expectation that individual module surveys are compulsory under these circumstances and the decision should be made at the discretion of the school.