Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

The University is committed to offering peer mentoring to all undergraduate and postgraduate students entering their degree course, across all campuses.

Students chattingPeer mentoring enables all students to make a smooth transition in being successfully integrated into the University and their programme, academically, socially and culturally. This is through direct access to the advice and support of a more experienced peer. This peer support is normally provided within the first term, however some schools extend this into term two due to placement opportunities and the sharing of this experience.

For mentees the scheme helps smooth their transition into all aspects of university life. For mentors it offers a chance to enhance their personal, communication and employability skills.

Schemes are run at a School or subject level and each scheme has a staff coordinator who supports mentors in their role. Mentoring schemes benefit all students by building a strong school or subject based community. They also provide a great opportunity to build effective partnerships between students and staff.

Further information is available on the Newcastle University Mentors website where mentors can access the mentoring handbook and a number of resources to help run mentor meetings. Staff coordinators can also access resources to help with the running of a scheme in their School or Unit.

The Peer Mentoring Principles and Standards document and the Role Expectations contain further information about the scheme.

How LTDS can help:

The University peer mentoring schemes are supported by LTDS. Any questions about the schemes can be directed to