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Main User Guides

Video Tutorials

The video tutorial's below have been designed to support the main user guide. All include voice instructions, and those indicated include subtitles. Please note that the sequences have been shortened and that loading times will be longer in the live system.

FAQ Document - user questions, answered.
Blog Posts - the latest news, support and best practice regarding student engagement.

Closing the Loop

This form is a worked example of a report on module evaluation results that could be taken to a Board of Studies and Student-Staff Committee in order to demonstrate how a School is taking action


MEG/EvaSys Training Training available

Training on how to use the MEG and EvaSys is obtained through a face-to-face training session (delivered three times a year) or can be achieved through self-direction training using the guidance provided. Due to the large volume of sensitive information contained within EvaSys related to individual members of staff and the need to enforce data protection laws it is not possible to grant everyone access to EvaSys. Training is limited to School Administrators and Clerical Staff.

School Managers or Administrators must make an access request to the IT Service Desk by emailing them at, logging it through the self-service option at or calling x85999 when training will be self-directed.

Users are added to the evasys-admin-users mailing list and receive updates about the system and new resources.