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You Said We Listened

You Said We Listened

Welcome to our new-look website. Any feedback or suggestions - please let us know.

A project on Closing the Feedback Loop was undertaken in LTDS in 2018/19, and a key outcome was the indication of a gap in sharing of knowledge across Schools and Faculties. Staff wanted to know what other academic units were doing and what they had found did or did not work. One of the ways to share such knowledge was the organisation of Student Voice Forums.

Student Voice Forum

The Student Voice Forum was launched in 2019/20 and provides an opportunity for staff to network and share ideas regarding this broad topic. It is also a space for LTDS to provide updates on important aspects of the process for both national and internal surveys and for NUSU to share news.

Forums will run twice per year and are open to all staff with an involvement or interest in Student Voice activity (including survey champions, DELTs/HELTs, Staff Facilitators, Professional Service leads). NUSU are also supporting the forums and student reps are encouraged to attend.

The first Student Voice Forum took place on 11 November 2019, and focused on what is understood when referring to Student Voice. Dr Cees Van der Land shared good practices in SAgE, and Dr Alessio Iannetti introduced the Student Voice Panel in Pharmacy. 

The second forum will take place on Wednesday 25 March 2020 from 12-2pm. Registration for this event will be opened soon.