School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Delivering Impact

Delivering Impact

Our work enabled Newcastle University to rank in the UK Top 10 for Research Impact in Mathematical Sciences (Unit of Assessment 10) in the REF2014.

Delivering outstanding impact is one of our school's core objectives. Examples of Research Impact include, but are not limited to, effects on:

  • policy
  • health and welfare
  • production
  • culture
  • the environment
  • economy
  • commerce
  • international development

Almost all of the impact-focused research we submitted to the REF2014 was classified as world-leading or internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and rigour.

Our current research impact-focused projects include:

  • better defect sizing to improve planned maintenance to reduce pipe leakage
  • long term and short term localized forecasting of regional gas demand
  • analysis of alarms within the regional gas network to better inform asset and safety management
  • development of software tools for road safety hotspot identification and evaluation
  • processing of medical ultrasound images
  • automatic assessment of upper limb function after stroke
  • improved estimation of extreme weather return levels through Bayesian hierarchical modelling
  • data mining and data analytics within the gas, water and electricity sectors
  • using image recognition software to semi-automate surveys of ecological reserves
  • forecasting with high performance computing in multiple sectors
  • development of models to predict disease spread and guide national policy for protecting tree species  

Case studies which demonstrate the impact of our research can be found on the Newcastle University Research website.

For further details about our school research impact activity please contact us.