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We are strongly interested in establishing links with industrial partners to initiate potential joint projects, and provide our expertise.

NODES is a group of researchers in mathematical and theoretical computer sciences from Newcastle University and Durham University working in various areas of discrete mathematics.

We have expertise in the rigorous mathematical foundations of such areas as networks and information, (and their applications in modelling and implementation of process management & control) algorithms, verification, coding, security, transportation, logistics and scheduling.

Our remit is to discover new approaches and solutions to the underlying difficulties with which our academic, business and industry partners  are confronted.

A vital part of our operation is a center for doctoral training, which we envisage as the leading UK centre for joint training of mathematicians and computer scientists – built on the combined strengths of four schools in Durham and Newcastle.

Our long term ambition is to pave the way to the establishment of a graduate center for the North East of England, incorporating both Universities and interacting naturally with local businesses.

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Our research groups

Industrial Collaboration

Examples of current collaborations include:

  • the optimisation of the design of cable bundles using geometric methods
  • modelling diffusion of information on social and other networks
  • on-line detection of cybercrime incidents
  • modelling and simulation of cyber-physical systems
  • detection and quantification of biomedical networks

You can find more about the work we do on our website, and for more information please contact us.