School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics



The School has extensive expertise in the development and delivery of statistical training programmes for business and industry. These programmes enable significant improvements in analysis, quality, service and operational performance.

Training programmes can be delivered in custom built training suites at Newcastle University or on-site at locations preferred by the business partner. Content can be tailored, with a schedule that best meets partner requirements. Interactive and collaborative learning techniques are used to maximise the effectiveness of the training. Dedicated statistical software is used when necessary during programmes.

In addition to a training programme, further support can be provided to enable the learning process to continue from the classroom into the workplace, ensuring that learning is translated into actions. Supporting the integration of new analytical tools and techniques into a company and its culture at a suitable level, at an appropriate pace and at the right time, is key to their successful implementation.

The following are examples of training workshops and courses currently available. Other programmes may be available on request:

  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Regression, Time Series and Forecasting
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Statistical Methods for Validation
  • General Statistical Methods for Business & Industry
  • R Statistical Software
  • Excel Training

For further information and to discuss your specific needs please contact us.